the THIRD Annual Margaretpalooza


Friday, March 25, 2011

I forgot to mention...

You had some Kraft Mac and Cheese with your lunch today- you thought it was boss. I thought it was funny watching you try to scoop up as many noodles as possible with one slimy hand. Tomorrow: Waffles.

Seven Months!

You've got a serious set of pipes my friend. You've learned how to squeal and scream like a professional in the last month- I'm not sure which one of your friends at Day Care taught you that- but I think it might have been Ava. Ohwell. This wasn't really a big month for milestones, you've gotten very comfotable rolling around, you haven't quite figured out that crawling business yet. We don't have any official stats on you since there was no doctor's visit this month and there won't be until June. But I am absolutly certain you are over 22lbs.

Margaret CAN:
  • roll front/back and back/front to the left AND right
  • get up on all 4's

Margaret likes:
  • waffles
  • toast with jelly/jam
  • riding in carts
  • baths in the big girl tub
  • bubbles!

Margaret does not like:
  • peas
  • little girl car seats

There aren't too many dislikes because most of them have stayed the same. You still don't like having your nose wiped although we make silly noises and faces at you now while we clean your face- that seems to make it more amusing for you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I got a little lost.

So let's rehash the food list shall we? Because I don't think I was the best at posting them all here, and now that we're in combo land I really do need to remember. I gave you a food trial of blueberries twice because I forgot.

Rice Cereal
Bread, White and Whole Wheat
Sweet Potatoes


Your father clearly loves you more than I do. He shares with you. I do not. I must be a hate monger.

I've said on several occasions to him that he shouldn't or can't eat things in front of you that he won't or can't share with you. Tonight he interpreted this in an interesting fashion.

He gave you a freezie pop.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh you cutie patootie you!

Today, I took you to have pictures taken. I wasn't sure how you'd do since the school pictures didn't go so well- you didn't want to look at the camera. HOWEVER! After a little singing from me and a quick snack, you were a cheerful ball of fabulous. You tried to eat the colored easter eggs as well as the grass from the basket, but you try to lick everything these days. So I shouldn't have been surprised.

Friday, March 18, 2011


This morning I gave you a literal crumb of toast with cinamon and sugar on it. You kept stretching to see what I was eating and leaning towards me with your mouth open. You seemed a bit put off by it at first, I'm sure that had more to do with the dry and crunchy of it all.
But later this afternoon I tried again. Only this time I made you your own slice of toast and I cut it up in to little cubes. I'll give you a dollar if you can guess what you did with them.

Take your time, I'll wait.

You crammed as many as you could hold in to your mouth. I had to start giving them to you 3-4 at a time. Any more than that and you would be rubbing fistfuls of buttered toast all over your face.
I think you have a new favorite food.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The beginning of the end...

You got real food tonight. You were craning your neck to see what your dad was putting on his plate- you were very mad that he wouldn't share. You kept getting louder so I figured, what the hell, give her a potato.

I did.
You loved it.

I'm pretty sure there's no turning back now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Double Combo, punch!

Second stage foods come in a lot of strange combinations. Some of them have multiple new foods in them, so that means we have to avoid a lot of the fruits for now until we can single out the new foods in them. Which is oddly harder to do with the fruits than it is with the vegs.
I digress...
Corn. While you can eat it, it gets into some serious fights with your digestive tract. So we'll probably stay away from it for a while.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Did you really just do that? Yes, you did.

You split your first pair of pants. It was the first time you wore them, which makes me not so happy. So I guess I need to borrow a sewing machine to fix them now- because that outfit is super cute.

Monday, March 7, 2011


...have been conquered.
Although, you didn't get straight blueberries. They come mixed with apples and we added pears or banans to the mix as well. But you still ate 'em!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm going to regret this later I'm sure...

We gave you prunes. Not to fulfill a want. But to fulfill a need.

You could care less, you think they're delicious.