the THIRD Annual Margaretpalooza


Monday, March 5, 2012

I had a hunch- and I was right

Tonight I climbed on the scale with you because you seemed heavier these past few days.

I was right.

28.2 lbs

I am so very thankful for that number. You lost a whole ton of weight this past fall when you were walloped on by multiple ear infections in a row. You never really seemed to catch up from that. You'd been hanging out around 24 lbs for ever. Pants that used to fit you were falling down and taking your diapers with them. The only thing that has me feeling even remotely hesitant is the thought that this may be your next growth spurt.

Which I am in no way ok with. I don't have a 3T stock pile! I'm also glad that you managed to stay in 24,/2T clothes for over 6mos. My wallet thanks you for that.

I'm curious to see how tall you are at your check up on Friday. I'm pretty sure you're closing in on 36" by now. But I could be wrong.

It's going to be a long day.

Before 6:00A today you:

  • colored in a book, not a coloring book
  • swiped my waffle
  • snuggled BOTH cats
  • drank the last of the orange juice
  • pulled 10+ wipes from the box
  • ate way too many grapes
  • prefected your gymnastics floor routine
  • drank from a cup, all by yourself
  • licked my plate clean

Certainly an interesting and ROUSING start to my day.