the THIRD Annual Margaretpalooza


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today, has been terrible for me.

It hasn't been so great for you either. You had your adenoids out, tubes put in and an endoscopy.

I woke you up early so that you could have some water or juice before we went to the hospital. You couldn't have any milk or food after midnight, which wasn't so bad because you slept through most of that. But after 7:00A this morning you couldn't have anything, before that you could have clear liquids. You weren't interested in anything to drink at 6:00A, you just wanted to go back to sleep, I should have expected that.

We sat in the living room watching Sesame Street while we were waiting for daddy to get home, the rest of the morning seemed to drag on for-ever. You and I headed to admissions while daddy parked the car. Miss Michelle put a hospital bracelet on your ankle which DID NOT amuse you. Putting your socks back on over it fixed it all- thank heavens.

We were on the 9th floor for more than two hours just... waiting. We didn't know it then, but there was a problem with the first patient of the day so everyone else ended up being pushed back more than 1.5H. You could have cared less. There were plenty of toys and crayons to keep you happy. I on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to wiggle and whine in my chair.

Eventually we went down to the 2nd floor where we sat for another hour or so, again it seemed much longer to me. We still had to talk to the anesthesiologist and ENT before you actually went in to the operating room- everyone told me the day would drag on but I had no idea that it was going to feel so painfully slow. I didn't know that when they told us we were going "down stairs" that it meant in to the OR, so I didn't bring your Elmo. That meant daddy had to ride the terrible, slow, TINY elevator back up to 9, ask the nurse to open your locker and then make it back down to 2. Pretty sure he wasn't a fan of me at that point. I said I was sorry though. When he went on that trek you started the meltdown that I'd been waiting for all morning. You were tired and hungry- and just generally very sad. I asked if I could go with you in to the operating room- I didn't want you to go in upset and just get worse when you weren't with us anymore. Thankfully you fell asleep after I talked to the anaesthesiologist and before the ENT came to talk to us.

You were in the operating room for about 45min. That time seemed to fly, I was grateful for that. There was a tube helping you breathe while they were operating on you, when they took it out you started crying and wouldn't stop. You were still asleep which made everything that much more complicated. Parents aren't allowed in the recovery area until their child is awake. Your doctor had the nurses come to get me because she didn't want you ripping any of the stitches open in your throat while you were crying.

I am so glad she had them come get me.

You were sad and confused. You wanted someone's ears to hold and someone to hold you. I was more than willing to hold you and let you grab my ears. You were trying to rip off every wire they had attached to you. There was one for oxygen, 2 for your heart rate, a blood pressure cuff and your IV's. You wanted every one, OFF. I took disconnected what I could and turned you around so I could hold you and you could hold my ears. After I got you up on my shoulder the nurse got them back on so she could check your vitals so that we could leave the recovery area.

When we finally made it home you slept for 6 hours straight. You managed to eat four fruit and veg pouches when you woke up. It still seems like a lot of food- but you hadn't eaten in 24h. That's a long time for a little person with the kind of appetite you normally have.

You're not really interested in going back to sleep just yet. You'd rather snuggle with me and daddy on the couch watching a movie and that is perfectly fine with us.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A note from your 17mos old self

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