the THIRD Annual Margaretpalooza


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We went to see Sesame Street Live tonight. We were supposed to go on Leap Day, which I thought would be awesome- but the schedule changed. So we had to go tonight.
You thought it was pretty boss. As soon as the music started you sat up suuuuper tall trying to see what was going on. You spent most of the show on daddy's lap. You bounced and wiggled, clapped and waved. I was way more excited than you and daddy were put together, but I'm used to it. : )

You loved going up the stairs all by yourself but you loved running down the aisle even more. You clearly couldn't sit still any more so we decided to go, there were only 10-15min left in the show so it wasn't really a big deal. After we made it downstairs you heard the music again and ran through one of the sets of open doors back in to the auditorium. There were a whole mess of kids dancing down there and you thought that was awesome- you started dancing right along with them. Which I thought was awesome.

We almost lost your precious Elmo at Shea's but Miss Sue found it and I made a mad dash back inside to get him.

I'm so glad we took you.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I don't think I'm ready to talk about it-

but I promise you I will.

It makes me so happy and proud to hear you say "ka," cat; "ko," cookie; "quan," quack.

While watching Rio you just yelled "HEY!" and started to dance right in time with the birds.

I'm so happy you can hear me lady bird- I'm listening and waiting for you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Today I gave you one my my most prized possessions, Gaga's rocking chair. Gaga was one of my maternal Great Grandmother's. Her name was Emma. She was a proud and quiet woman. I wish I had gotten to know her, or even more about her. She died in the 70's, so, sadly all I have is this chair and some pictures.

It's more than 100 years old- so don't break it.

No pressure. ; )

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I hope that's the only time we have to do that.

You and I learned just what a pain in the butt tubes can be.

Your ears started leaking fluid on friday night. They can do that with tubes- in fact, they should. The fuild coming out of your left ear went from clear to this awesomely gross green-brown color by last night. They shouldn't keep leaking fluid and go unchecked and they really should be checked if the fluid isn't clear.

We went to the ENT office where they had to suction both of your ears out. That might be your least favorite thing this week, or even this month. I'll let you know.

Your left tube was totally plugged- which totally sucks. But Lucy fixed it.

Now let's keep those suckers clear so we don't have to do that again, k?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm pretty sure you just made Miss Tanya's day...

As we were leaving Day Care today you started leaing towards your old room so we stopped in to see Miss Tanya for a little bit. You ran around playing with the toys and watching the little babes.

When I picked you up to leave I asked if you could say bye bye to Miss Tanya- instead you blew her a kiss. Every time after that I said the words "blow a kiss" you;d blow her another one.

We both thought it was super cute.
I'm glad you FINALLY learned that trick!